Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New in the Shop

With all the family issues that are currently going on, it is really hard for me to stay focused, so I have been trying to make quilt blocks for sale. For me, it's a good idea. There are many quilts out there that I would love to make, but you know I get distracted in a hurry. Making a handful of blocks, then listing them for sale in my shop, satisfies the desire without the weeks of work. Here is my current set of appliqued blocks.


Ann said...

Those are great and it's never too early to start for Christmas. I'm betting some talented person is going to snag those up quick for a Christmas gift.

Lin said...

Do people really buy blocks?? I would think they would want to make their own, but I don't know much. I love how you make them and sell them. What a great idea! You always make such cute stuff.