Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Basically, It's like Ya know?

When and how did Basically and Like overtake the English language? It really irritates me. Ask someone what the weather is like outside and you're likely to get the answer "Basically, it's like raining, ya know?"
1.  If I knew I would not have asked
2.  Is it raining or is it "like" raining?
3. Why does every sentence have to begin with the word Basically?
Do you think I'm wrong? Try watching an unscripted TV show such as The Peoples Court or a newsman interviewing a witness to an accident. Have a short conversation with your husband or best friend and see how many times they say "like" in 5 minutes.
 I may not use proper English all the time, but seriously, does every other sentence have to have these words in them?
Which brings me to Seriously....how did that creep into every conversation?

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