Sunday, December 30, 2007

and the dog ate my homework

Maybe it's just my Catholic school upbringing, I don't know, but it really bothers me when people on not on time. Why is it OK for everyone to be late? I am signed up for a few different swaps and there is always someone who is late despite the fact that they were given ample time to complete the task.

There is a whole range of excuses the most common of which is "life got in the way". What kind of excuse is that? Did you not know you had a job, a family, a home a life that needed attention? Did you not take these things into consideration when you signed up?

My computer crashed and I lost the list of addresses. Hmmmm, you signed up in August, the deadline was October, it is now the end of December and you couldn't find a computer to use in all that time?

I've been depressed and have lost my muse. Yes, this was really posted on a website. This lady posts this excuse at least once a month and has yet to honor her commitments or seek help.

The holidays got in the way. Did you not know they were coming?

I think what irks me more than these excuses is the poster who says "Oh, it's OK, we will all wait". I am sorry, but it is not OK with me, and please don't speak for me. If I tried to use these excuses with the electric company they would shut of my power, if I turned in my school work late I flunked the course. Why is there now consequences to being late in a swap? How do you say in a post "No, it's not OK that you are late and I am tired of waiting" without being told how mean you are?


Linda said...

A very frustrating situation, the best soloution is not to join in on these swaps if those who continue to be late are also joining in, or ask the hostess to make it a centralized swap. Which means if the items are not received on time then those who are late get cut out of the swap.

Helen in the UK said...

Sometimes the unexpected does happen, but generally I think people sign up for more things than they should. I know exactly where you are coming from on this one :)

Anonymous said...