Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The Arts in the Mail November Challenge was snowflakes. I was paired with Kate. My card to her arrived in the UK today, and her card to me arrived here in FTL today. Don't you just love it when that happens?
Kate's card...........................

My card.........................(OK so this is not actually the card I sent Kate, but almost the same)

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katelnorth said...

Barbara, I had to laugh at this. You know when I posted your snowflake card on my blog and said it was a christmas card and you corrected me - well, guess what!

This card which you have posted on your blog and said it was my snowflake card, is actually my Christmas card to you for our swap - the snowflake one is on a red background and has beads (and should arrive soon as they were mailed the same day)!

Consquently, my answer to you about what the snowflake (which is actually a star on this card) is made of, won't make sense. What this star is made of is what's called punchinella or sequin waste, which is what's left when they make sequins.