Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas F8 swap

I have not posted the last few blocks that I have received (due to being lazy). I expect only three more, but they are not late because the deadline is December 31 (anyone want to start a pool?) Anyway, I have learned alot from this swap. I purposely purchased an inexpensive fabric in case the whole thing went bad. There are a few blocks that are 1/2 too small and the colors I received are mostly very dark. That's is my own fault for not specifying that I wanted the colors a little lighter. I wasn't planning on putting this thing together anytime soon, I just thought it would be a fun swap. I will get around to putting them together but who knows when.

From Sharon in Illinois

From Christine in New Hampshire

From Bridget in Tennesee

From Lauren inNew York

From Elaine in Massachusetts

From Karen in Mississippi

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