Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Internet Friends

My friend Dotti (of Zizzy-Dot fame) sent me instructions for making fabric beads. I made some that very day. Why haven't you seen them? Because they were so bad, that I threw them out and pledged to try again some time.

It wasn't enough for Dotti to send me the instructions, nor was it enough for her to send me some photos, she had to go the extra mile and send me the real thing.

Aren't these fabulous? The truth is that I have made several internet friends that I really wish lived near me so we could visit in person. They have been most generous and I am so grateful. You can visit some of my friends here:

Dotti Pieceful Musings

Cindy Cindy is Crafty and She makes things too

Mary Mary Quilts

Deb Rags n Quilts

Vicki Field Trips in Fiber and her fabulous etsy shop

There are several more friends I have no mentioned because they do not have blogs for you to visit (you know who you are Ann and Maria).


Deb said...

The beads are fabulous! They look really good on some of your baskets!

What a nice gift.

Vicki W said...

Those beads are awesome! I hope you try to make them again.

amazon59 said...

These look great! By the way in looking through your blog - you are on the New River winding through Ft Lauderdale right? I grew up on Marathon Lane just off Riverland Road and it sure looks familiar and brought back a lot of memories of my grandparents! Very nice blog.