Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cards Received - Part 2

Here are a few cards I have received

This card was made by Hillie in Massachusetts. The photo was taken in her garden and transferred to fabric. You cannot see it in this photo, but there is alot of stitching around the petals and several seed beads in the centers. It was not put in an envelope, but arrived as if she handed it to me herself. I really like this one.

This card was made by Cindy in Michigan. The dragonflies eyes are jewel and the wings are metallic with netting. Beautiful colors.

This card was made by Helina and came all the way from Finland (it still amazes me when I get something from outside the US.) I don't know if you can see it or not, but every seam has hand stitching on it. She even embroidered her initials. The rose in the center I think is made of bullion stitches. I have tried that one many times and all I ever end up with is a mess of knots. Another really nice card.
I'd like to thank Kate North of Kate's Quilting (and other fiber arts) blog who gave me some blogging instructions today. I was having difficulty getting the pictures in the right place. So how does it look? Thanks Kate.

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