Friday, September 28, 2007

Felted Wool

I have wanted to make a felted wool project for some time now. I keep seeing such cute stuff online and in magazines but I have been too lazy to get the necessary material. I just got a copy of Quiltmaker Magazine and it has a pattern for the cutest needlecase. I must try my hand at this.

I took a day off work today and hit the thrift shops. I got 4 100% wool jackets and one wool sweater for only $27.00. Check it out........

I have spent the afternoon cutting them all up, washing & drying them. I have lived in Florida for a long time now and have not owned a wool anything since I left New York. How come none of the magazines reminded me of how bad wet wool smells?


Jeanne said...

I bought several items at thrift stores, too, and have taken them apart. Now to wash them. Did you do anything special?

rubytuesday said...

I love felted wool. I've made a really lovely pin cushion and several scissor cases. I haven't felted my own wool however.