Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Postcards

But first, a report on wool felting. The sweater was a big mistake, don't try felting bulky knits. The purple isn't too good either as it is also a knitted fabric not a woven. The tan and tweed didn't turn out too bad, but we'll see once I try stitching it. As for the red, it really killed me to cut that jacket up. The label was Evan Piccone and you could tell it was an expensive jacket. It was in great condition and ready for someone to wear. Unfortunately, it was a size -0-. I don't know about you, but I do not and never will fit into a size -0-. It has been cut up and is now in the washer.

I am a member of Fiber Arts Postcard Swap. Here are some cards from Dotti in Nevada.

The one on the left is from a private swap, "Where are you from?" The card is titled "Moonshine on the Comstock" I love metallic threads. The one on the right is from a swap called "Mad for Plaid" It was the first swapped postcard I have ever received.

This one is from a swap with a theme of crazy quilts. It is one of my favorite cards.

Here are some cards from Paule in North Yorkshire in England. The first one is again from the where you are from private swap. She says the card depicts the misty moors full of heather and sheep. The little white dots are the really cute white sheep.

Some more cards from Paule. On the left is "The Color Green" on the right "Art Nouveau"

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