Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cards Received

I belong to 3 different postcard swap groups. One of them is Art2Mail. When you sign up, they group you in with 24 other participants. Your group then decides how and what you are going to do. My group, #34, decided to do whatever you wanted, no rules other than a deadline. I have asked permission to post pictures and several of the girls have said it was OK with them. Last night I tried to post a few, but it got all sorts of wonky. So I will try again tonight.


JudyL said...

Hope you can get the pix posted. I love seeing the postcards.

Anonymous said...

hi I was in group 27 my first postcard exchange, I'm from Australia... and I like the postcard exchanges ...It feels like the modern day pen friends with a postal gift...Cheers from Sharron