Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat Quarters

Fat quarters to me are like candy, I've got to have at least a little piece of it. If I see a beautiful piece of fabric, usually I don't know what I could possibly do with it, so I buy a fat quarter. I have bunches of them, some I've had for years and years. All these postcards that I have been making lately are being made with some of those little bits of fabrics.

The background fabric on these Easter Egg postcards is one of those fabrics that I have had for so long, that I have no idea when or where I got it. The selvege is blank so I can't even tell you who made it. But it is the most perfect pastel colors, all blending one into the other. I sure wish I had more than a fat quarter of it.


Ann said...

It's very pretty and it fits perfectly with the Easter eggs

WillOaks Studio said...

Those are just so pretty!! But I am not familiar with your term "fat quarter"--what is it?

Jen said...

How pretty they are! The colors are lovely :o)