Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quilts for Kids, Inc

I know I said I would be working on some charity quilts, but there has been another flurry of sales over at my Etsy shop. I've been forced (yes, my arm was twisted) to spend the last few days making more cards.
But yesterday, I received a package from Quilts for Kids. I had forgotten I ordered a kit but so glad it has gotten here. If you have never made one of these quilts, you should get one. They come with everything you need (except the batting) in some of the cutest fabric ever, all pre-cut and ready to go.
This kit is so cute. It has primary colored cats on the top.

It has coordinating colored mice for the backing.

It only took about two hours for me to get the top pieced together.

Now comes the part I'm not too crazy about. I have to layer it, quilt it then bind it. I wish there was someone locally who would do that part. If there was together we could knock these things out in no time at all.


Kat said...

OMG that backing is ADORABLE! I literally laughed out loud at the combination! The folks they have putting these things together must have such a good time.

Ann said...

what cute fabric that is. I just love that backing totally adorable.

Lynne said...

that came together really nicely! I agree, if I could piece and someone else quilt, I'd get more of these done!
You did remind me though, I need to order another kit from them. :-D

Dotti said...

I could move to Fort Lauderdale since I can FM quilt for hours...BUT...I don't do bugs. (We don't even have mosquitoes and I haven't seen a roach since I visited southern California!)

Shana said...

So cute!!

Mary said...

Very cute - I didn't realize they sent backing in the kit too. Everyone seems to be having fun with these.