Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Orchid in Bloom

It was late September when we first noticed the spike starting to grow. We know from years past, that we wouldn't see the blossoms until Christmastime. This year it was a bit late. In the beginning of January, South Florida saw some continuous, very cold temperatures. It was as low as 38 on several occasions and this very cold snap lasted for two weeks straight. I suppose I should have taken my orchid plants in the house, but I had read too many horror stories of frog and bug invasions, so out in the cold they stayed along with the goldfish in the pond.
It is remarkable to me that the flowers on this orchid have finally decided to open. I thought for sure they were goners.


The Accessory Lady said...

Beautiful! Orchids are so finicky it's nothing short of a miracle when they flower. Lovely flowers!

Ann said...

Very pretty. That's pretty impressive that they survived the cold.