Thursday, February 11, 2010


I noticed the other day that I have an awful lot of scizzors in my house. There are these in my studio.
Some of these are old, from the days when I did a lot of embroidery. The really big ones were my mother in laws pinking shears, they weigh a ton and hurt your fingers. The long ones are suture scizzors from the doctors office. If you know someone in the medical field, see if they can snag you a set.
Out in my desk are a few pairs of paper scizzors. They must have had a sale at Joanns.

Then there are the household scizzors that cut anything from paper to chicken bones. The itty bitty ones with the rounded tips are mustache scizzors. A few months ago the screw fell out and I could not find another pair like these anywhere. I found a place online that repairs scizzors and they did a great job.

So how many pairs of scizzors are in your home and why do we call them pairs anyway?


mkhquilts said...

What a fun post! That got me thinking too...I have 2 pairs of Gingers shears and several suture removal scizzors, two of those little stork scizzors. Those are the ones I frequently use to sew with. I also have several bandage scizzors...I'm a nurse. I don't how mahy others.
Do you mind my asking how you got that slideshow of your etsy site? That is so cool, and I would love to do it for mine.


Ann said...

I think you have me beat in the scissor department. I have quite a few but not that many.
My mother worked at the vets hospital years ago and I used to have a pair of those suture scissors. I wish I knew what happened to them because they really came in handy

WillOaks Studio said...

Wow, that's an impressive collection! I think there are about 4 pairs scattered in strategic places around here....but ask me about other tools....

Dana said...

I'm sure I have a lot of scissors, but they are like socks around our house. I buy several pair, give my husband one and I keep maybe 3 and within a month, my 3 are missing, so I resort to stealing my husbands and then it goes missing....I am always buying scissors.

Silvergirl said...

wow seems you are in bookstore selling those lol.. but they are pretty cool when you try to collect them, i have some few..