Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Carried Away

I got an email from Bingo Bonnie of Nap Time News. She was advising us that the very large, very popular 5th Annual Fat Quarter Bingo game is fast approaching. It got me thinking about wether I want to purchase fabric or use what I have. It also occurred to me that Bonnie is a member of the HGTV Sunshine Quilters and that I could make a few blocks for her and ship them with the fat quarters. So I made two pink string blocks per her request, which led to three blocks, which led to ten blocks.

So, as long as I'm in a cutting mood, I might as well cut the rest of the foundation fabric and prepare it for string blocks for the Heartstrings Group.

And as long as I'm cutting, I might as well cut 48 matching center strings.

Oh, what the heck, might as well make two or three or a dozen more string blocks.


Dotti said...

So, what if FQ Bingo?

Shana said...

I love those!!

randomcreative said...

I have been given the Sunshine Award and I have decided to pass it onto you!

to receive your award just go to my blog and copy it over

http://randomcreative28.blogspot.com :)

Lori said...

It's like if you repaint a room and suddenly your house got remodeled! String blocks are addicting!

Ann said...

oh my, you were on a roll. gotta love it when a burst like that comes along. I don't get those very often any more...lol

bingo~bonnie said...

LOL - that reminds me of how I dripped some Kool-Aid on the shelf in the fridge bout a week ago... and when I cleaned up that shelf - it got me looking at the shelf above it... and cleaned it.. then the one below it.. then the drawers and before you knew it I was taking everything out of the door too and cleaning ;)

I know heartstrings will love another quilt made by you! and you're smart to mail your string blocks for sunshine along with your FQs for the Bingo game ;) *or yards if you choose to do that this year ;)

Thanks for the link and spreading the word about our 5th annual FQ Bingo game! I'm hoping this year is our biggest yet!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie