Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quick Trip to the Hospital

No it's not what you think, I went to deliver some quilts. As you know, I love to make preemie quilts. For over 10 years I have been delivering them to someone on the other side of town, who then gives them to someone else. Eventually, they end up at the hospital. It has always bothered me, that I don't know if what I have been making is what they really wanted at the NIC unit.
There was an incident many years ago, where about 30 donated quilts were left in someones car truck. I found out that they sat there for quite some time and they started to mold. The lady who had them didn't seem to think this was a very big deal and she said she would wash them. I don't really know what ever happened to those quilts and I sometimes wonder how often has this happened.
The really crazy part of this whole thing is that Broward General Hospital is only 2 miles from my home. So I called the NIC unit and asked if I could deliver them directly. The assistant manager was happy I called and said come on over anytime. So today I took a drive over there and personally delivered 10 preemie quilts.
I was given a quick tour of the unit. To my surprise, the joint was jumping, There were babies, families and nurses everywhere. There was all kinds of buzzers and alarms going off and all the nurses were hard at work. I almost felt a little guilty of taking their time. But I was shown how and where the quilts are used, big ones on the tops and little ones on the bottoms. I was told how much they appreciate them and that they especially like the seasonal ones, even Halloween.
Looks like I'll be making alot more of them in the future.


Deb Levy said...

That's wonderful Barbara! Nothing like some quilted love to snuggle those babies.

Ann said...

Had me worried there for a second. Glad it was a good trip to the hospital. With all the work you put in to those it would be a shame to have them sitting in someones trunk getting moldy.

Lin said...

Oh, that was great that you got to see the quilts being used and loved. I know how I feel about the quilts I make--they are a LOT Of work and a LOT of money going into them, but most people don't have respect for them.

I once confronted a family on the beach for using a hand-stitched quilt as their beach blanket. I'm sure they thought I was weird, but I pointed out what work went into it and it shouldn't be in the sand. They said they found it in the cottage they were renting. I was aghast. My husband told me I can't do that anymore. :(

Lori said...

Seeing how they are used is so helpful. I make a few for a NICU, they are specific about the size so they will cover the whole top of the isolette and don't let any light in. But they like them bright and cheery and specifically in one color (blues, pinks, greens, yellows)--so that families can identify where "their" baby is!

Anna said...

Glad you delivered them directly and could see how they were used. Good for you that you gave them the quilts! It's not only good for the babies but for the staff and for the parents to see their child sleeping in something homemade from the heart.

Best wishes,
(Mother of a preemie.)