Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas Squishy Quilt

Were you a member of the now defunct Alex Anderson Message Board? Did you then join it's offshoot site called Squares? Did you participate in the first Annual Squares Squishy Swap? Did you make any of the blocks in the above quilt?
I never did write down who made which block and I sure would like to put a name with the block. I have asked this question in a few different places but no one is answering the question. I always hear the quilters are the nicest people but I don't agree. Some quilters carry grudges for a long time.


Gizmo said...

I made the block in the bottom left corner. It was paper pieced from Carol Doak's stars book - maybe called Nebraska (?).

You're right - grudges run long and deep in those circles.

auntann11 said...

Beautiful Quilt. I can't claim any of those blocks.

rubytuesday said...

I didn't make any of those blocks. I made one round of auntann's friendship star exchange and about went nuts doing that. And I made a block for the webmaster's quilt.