Saturday, November 3, 2007

This and That

I got another block in last Thursday. This one is from Barbara in West Virginia. I am so glad to get another block with some white in it. The blocks were starting to get a bit dark and gloomy. Some more white will surely brighten the quilt up.

I also received some postcards. This pretty card is from Judy in Nebraska. Some flowers and leaves, a bit of tulle and lots of stitching. Really pretty.

Another really cute card from Paule in the UK. Some dimensional flowers and a butterfly, along with a handbag all stitched on by hand. Both cards are part of the #34 swap. So far I have received 20 out of the 24 promised, not bad huh?

A few weeks ago I broke the arm on my very expensive, prescription reading (mostly sewing) glasses. I went back to where I bought them and was told that that frame was discontinued and they could not get me a new arm. But, they did have another pair just like them in a different color for only $169.00. Are you kidding? Fortunatly, I have a spare pair, but they are plastic lenses, not glass, and are very scratched. I went to a few other places, you know their names, but it was always the same $150.00 or more. Origianlly, insurance paid for these glasses, but that was a different job and a different insurance. I just could not justify paying that much money for a two year old set of lenses.

Yesterday, just for the heck of it, I went to a Super Wal-Mart. I said to the guy, "Do you have a frame that theses lenses will fit in, CHEAP?" He grapped something off a rack, I didn't even see what, and disappeared in the back. Two minutes later he handed me a new pair of frames with my lenses in it. Now are you ready? I asked how much....................... $18.00 ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was so thrilled I sprang for a new cord.

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