Saturday, November 10, 2007

A mystery

I joined a black & white nickel square swap, knowing that I would probably get crap back. But that was OK because I hadn't planned on making a quilt with the fabric. What I did get back was not that bad (but certainly not quilt shop quality). What was more of a bummer than the quality is the fact that some of the squares were cut with pinking shears, and no where near 5". I cut them all down to 2 1/2" and started this checkerboard. It needs to be 14 squares by 14 squares and workmanship is not even an issue. Can you guess what it will be? Anyone want to start a pool on when I will finish it?


Anonymous said...

I have never joined a nickle swap...actually I have only joined 1 fabric swap in the past 4 years of being on a forum and it was because I had purchased some pre-cut baby shapes for applique that were out of 30's fabrics and I needed more to sash the quilt with.

I am curious as to what you are making with your nickles..It looks like a babydoll quilt to me....

and a question... Would you join this same swap again?

rubytuesday said...

Looks like a game board to me. My memory for childhood games is poor. But I think it's too big for checkers. Chinese checkers maybe?