Monday, November 19, 2007

A Mystery Part 2

As you might remember, I swapped most of these black and white nickel squares at Swap-Bot and they were not of the best quality. Someone asked me if I would swap again. That would depend on what I was going to do with the fabric. Surely, if I were going to make a quilt that I intended to put in a show, I would not depend on traders at Swap-Bot. But for this project, the fabric I received was just what I expected and wanted.
It now measures around 28" x 28". I used 100% cotton batting and a really cheapo piece of flannel for the back (which will not be seen when this project is complete). I used several different colors of machine quilting thread. There are straight lines and squiggly lines and some free motion quilting (smack me if I ever say I'm going to fmq again, please). It's a good thing you can't see the quilting. If you could you would know why I am a hand quilting kind of gal.
Anyway, with all these crappy materials, I am hoping the whole thing will shrink and pucker when I wash it.
Are you still wondering what it will be? Well, it is NOT a baby quilt, or a doll quilt, or a wall hanging. If I ever get it finished, and if it doesn't fall apart in the wash, I will post pictures. I am finally finished with all the charity blocks I have signed up to make, so maybe I will be motivated to finish this project.

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