Sunday, November 18, 2007

Disappointed again

It has been two weeks since I put out a request about my Squishy Swap Quilt. I emailed a gal who I thought made one of the blocks. She has not even bothered to reply one way or the other. I posted my questions at The Quilt Show. There had been 94 views of the post but not one reply. Back when Alex Anderson shut down her message board, several members headed over to HGTV so I posted there as well. From them I got some sarcastic remarks.
I did get one reply here on my blog from Gizmo (thanks Giz) who claimed a block as hers. So one block is Gizmo's and one is Tristan's. That makes 29 blocks and I only know who made 2.

I don't know why those Alex Anderson groupies are such a hypocritical vicious bunch.

1 comment:

Gizmo said...

Hi Zizzy,
I'm finally home from my travels, and past the Thanksgiving hoopla. I'll get that list to you right away.