Monday, November 12, 2007

Things that make me want to scream

A typical post on a hypothetical message board:

I need donation blocks for a sweet orphan boy. The pieced blocks must measure 12" finished (that's 12 1/2" unfinished) and be predominately blue. I must have these blocks in my hands 2 months from today.

Typical replys:

  1. I have some terrific purple fabric, can I use it? (read the statement)
  2. What size should the finished block be? (read the statement)
  3. I don't know if 2 months is enough time to make one block. (you can't be serious)
  4. I can't make you one because blah, blah, blah (who cares anyway)
  5. Can I make a Sunbonnet Sue block? (for a boy, read the statement)
  6. I won't make one because I don't like blue. (why did you bother to post)
  7. Does anyone have a pattern for a 12" block? (have you ever done this before)
  8. I want to make an appliqued block because I never did one before and I need the practice (please don't send me the block)
  9. What does hypothetical mean?

Anyone want to add some questions to this list?


Archaic Dome said...

...I have a pattern for an airplane block, but it's only 8". Can I still send it? Maybe you could border it or something...

I'm kidding.

Anonymous said...

Question?..Does the call for the blocks make you want to scream..or do the silly questions from others...or do both make you want to scream?

auntann11 said...

I just erased my comment on this because I thought of one that bothers me even more-

300 Messages concerning all specs of the swap, color, fabric quality - it better be from a quilt shop - not just QS quality. This is going to be a top quality swap - if you're blocks do not measure up they will be returned unswapped.

After you have made your 60 blocks and sent them in others come out of the woodwork and say that their pastels are more like medium brights(think cobalt blue and emerald green) and the hostess tells them that this is fine - Well if it is fine then why did you stress pastel only, post photos of yes and no fabrics?

The swap called for colors and prints that remind you of spring time because this is a spring tulip swap. So why did I get a block back made with grey red fabric that has a print of European currency on it?

If quality is important - then why does one block have a seam allowance in the middle of 1-1/4" and the other half of that seam has an allowance of less than 1/16th"

Clearly swappers are not the only ones who have trouble reading the guidelines.

rubytuesday said...

I've belonged to two guilds for over 20 years. That's 20 years times 2 of block of the month. Any of these posts could represent the people who make the blocks. My favorite? The regulations specificed red and green and Christmas theme. I got a purple and green one with grapes. Maybe the maker has a wino Christmas? I won these blocks and have about 10 groups of blocks I've won over the years. I've finished three quilts.

katelnorth said...

What about those people who want to start a political argument about whether we should really be making quilts for orphan boys anyway or whether that time would be better spent making blocks for (insert their own favourite cause here)...