Friday, November 23, 2007

The last Cross Stitch, The last Swap Blocks

I promised someone, (don't remember who) that I would post a picture of my last cross stitch piece. It is a ring bearer's pillow I made for my son's wedding. It was done on 32 count linen. There were 6 shades of blue in the ribbon. There was a satin ribbon attached about where the hearts are, so that the rings could be tied to the pillow. The back is satin and there is a heavy satin ruffle under the lace (because the lace was too floppy). I really love this piece andI am glad I made it but I nearly went blind doing it. It is the reason I don't do cross stitch anymore.

The last three Christmas F8 swap blocks are done and gone in the mail. I have to admit that I kind of lost my enthusiasm the last two weeks and I am glad my blocks are done.The very last block is for Donna in Ontario. I never did get any fabric from her, so she said to use some of my own. So that ought to confuse you when you look at might think I don't know coming from going.

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Perry said...

These are very pretty blocks. I especially like the floral one. And your crossstitch will truly be an heirloom. It is lovely.