Sunday, January 6, 2008

If it isn't one thing...........

Roseanne Rosanadana used to say "It just goes to show, if it isn't one thing it's another". You know how I was complaining about the weather, well it is finally tourist weather. The temps are perfect and the windows are open. But there is always something isn't there.

Some rocket scientist has decided that septic tanks are bad for the environment so all of Ft Lauderdale needs to be on a sewer system. Mind you I am perfectly happy with my septic tank. Only once since I have owned this house (1969) have I had a problem. That was because the drain field had collapsed and needed replacing. Gee whiz, the house was built in 1956 and things do go bad now and then.

Yes, the powers that be have decided that pumping sewage to a treatment plant then pumping it out two miles into the Atlantic Ocean is a far better idea then my backyard. Let's not get me started on that rant, I have made enough enemies in this neighborhood with that kind of talk. Mostly with the folks who want to put in swimming pools but can't because of the septic tank in their yard.

So back to the weather.....yes the windows are open. They have started working on my street to put in the sewer pipes. It is really noisy when they are here working, I know because I stayed home from work on Friday due to illness. But worst of all is the pump. The dreaded pump works night and day, pumping water into the storm drain. My house sits high at 7 feet above sea level. If you dig anywhere around here you hit water. So they have to pump it out so they can work below sea level. The pump keeps going, droaning on and on 24-7. And where did they put this pump you ask? Did you really have to ask? Of course, right in front of my house, and no, the plywood box does not muffle the sound. Here is a view taken from my front door.

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