Saturday, January 5, 2008

Romantic F8 blocks 1,2 & 3

The F8 Romantic swap fabrics seem to be rolling in rather steadily. There are some really pretty fabrics being sent out that I just couldn't help starting to make some of these. I am not going to show a picture of the fabric before I cut them up as I think you can figure out for yourselves which one is the focus fabric. Several of the ladies have agreed to let me keep the leftovers to use in the Heartstring projects. I do not have much of an imagination, so you will most likely see the same or variations of the same block.

Block 1 goes to Kathy. She has used a Hoffman fabric (one of my favorites) which has several colors and a bit of gold.

Block 2 is for Mikol. She has used a chocolate and pink paisley. Seems to me that chocolate must be the in color this year. I have been seeing it everywhere teamed up with pink, aqua, lime green and orange.

Block 3 is for Penny Sue. I am not a fru fru kind of gal, put I do love this type of floral.

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