Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another R.A.K.

I have not specifically asked for fabric scraps, but I did ask the Romantic F8 swappers if I could keep the bits and pieces left over from their blocks. A few never replied, most said yes and then there are those who went above and beyond. Look as this fantastic collection I received yesterday from Elaine in Ma (QuiltingNewbie on the HGTV forum). How wonderful is this bunch of fabric. It is hard to tell from the photo, but many of these are brights (I love brights). There are lots of butterflies, teal and orange/gold. The smallest pieces are 4 inches wide, while some pieces are about 1/2 yard. I think I feel the funk lifting and some children's quilts getting started. Amazing what a little shiny fabric can do. But what should it be? Log cabins, strings, Chinese coins, D9P...decisions, decisions, decisions.


auntann11 said...

That was so nice of Elaine. How about doing something different like a charm tumbler? I am going to use the tumbler for my next I Spy.


auntann11 said...

Hey, new ironing board cover - lol.