Saturday, April 5, 2008

Romantic F8 Swap

The deadline on this swap has gone by and I am still waiting for 2 more blocks. From what I read, I doubt I will ever see them. Here is a picture of what I have received.

I had requested that everyone please use pale colors that look romantic, soft, delicate, feminine, shabby chic and/or blended. There are a few bits of medium colors but all the colors are great and go together quite well.

I had hoped to hand quilt this one but many of the blocks are paper pieced. They have lots of intersections coming together that I would never be able to quilt through. Two of the blocks have holes where the fabric was not big enough to cover the paper. I have no idea how to fix the problem.

I really love this quilt (or what I should call the makings of a quilt) but I have no idea how I want to finish it off. I had hoped to make it Queen size, so besides the 2 I never got, and the 2 I can't use, I will have to make a bunch more or add really big sashings and borders. I think I'll let this one sit awhile.

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auntann11 said...

Two no shows- two with holes....
Do you think it has anything to do with the importance of where pictures are posted versus making the blocks?