Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There are thimbles............

................and then there are Thimbles!

Besides collecting thimbles, I am also a fan of Tinkerbell. So when my husband saw this on Main Street, in the Magic Kingdom, he knew he had to get it for me. My family was quite devious in distracting me while he purchased it and had it sent to my son's room. My daughter in law hid it and I got it as part of a Christmas present several months later. She stands 17 inches tall and is quite heavy. I usually keep all my Disney lanyards hanging off of her wings but removed them for the photo. My grand daughter has claimed this as hers also.

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Teresa said...

I love your Tinkerbell - how fun is that. I enjoyed looking at your thimbles too. I have one posted on my blog that is the open finger, but I believe mine is a little wider on top - anyway, I just love it. My all time favorite.