Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not much of anything

I was really tempted to title this and all future posts"String Quilts". I usually get around 20 to 40 visitors a day, but the other day when I titled the post "Another String Quilt", I got 233 hits. The majority of these visitors where searching for string quilts on Google. I have tried to Google string quilts but cannot find how it lists my blog.

I haven't done much of anything this week. I'm not sure if it's the fact that the weather has gotten much warmer or just a general lack of interest in anything, but the end result is me doing nothing.

But, I much prefer a blog with pictures so I'll give you two. This one is of a postcard I received this week. It is really well made and I like it alot. But it is 4 months past the deadline and I am having a hard time getting excited about it. It is so anti-climatic. I won't even tell you who made it as I would not like to embarrass her.

You remember that the city has been ripping up my neighborhood to put in sewers. This has created an enormous amount of dust. In addition, we have not had much rain and have been on water restrictions for months. It is amazing to me that this orchid has bloomed.

These flowers are only about an inch across and are the most gorgeous color.


Angelcat said...

Glad you received the card Barbara, I'm not afraid to be named as the maker. I agree that running so far behind is nothing to be proud of. However I have never tried to shy away from the fact that I am late and the reasons why. To be honest I could have quite easily thrown together a few ill made little thought about cards and got myself caught up straight away, or not bothered at all. This is not the way I work though and prefer to spend time making something that I would be pleased to receive, and that hopefully the receipient can see I have spent plenty of time making. I'm sorry that this philosophy has meant further delay and added to your frustration. I guess the fact that we are all so different is what makes this world such an interesting place to be.

Deb said...

Very nice card. Love the orchid!