Friday, February 22, 2008

Friendship Stars

Once upon a time, there was a happy web site called Alex Anderson Quilts. There was also a message board where everyone had cute names and personal icons. Back in 2000, a block swap was organized by Auntann. Each month many of us would make a bunch (sorry, I don't remember the exact rules) of Friendship star blocks in a certain color. This went on for almost a year. Many of us also made an extra block each month for Alex. The blocks were put together and a beautiful quilt top was presented to Alex at her first retreat in October 2001. There once was a photo of this quilt posted somewhere but I can no longer find it.

The reason I bring all this up after all these years is because my blocks remain as you see them, one big pile of blocks. I had always wanted to copy Alex's quilt but I can't find the picture. I would love to make a charity quilt, or two, or three, but I could never find a setting I liked. All of these blocks are signed with the makers name and city/state. Some are even dated.

Does anyone have a picture of Alex's quilt that they would share with me? Does anyone have a nice setting they would like to suggest?

This is what 170 6" Friendship Star blocks looks like.


Karen said...

I believe Judy Laquidara speaks about this quilt on her blog, however she made the quilt in one color.

Gizmo said...

Sujilee used to have the picture posted on her Squares site. I know the colors went on the diagonal (upper left to lower right).
I set mine with plain white sashing (1/2"), and the same orientation. I found some multicolored stars on white for a six inch border. Some of the leftovers became valances for my studio, and the rest will get put together for a wallhanging - when I have time. I'll send you a picture of mine, or post it on my blog, when I get it back from the quilter.