Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm just loving my map locator (scroll on down). So I would like to say HELLO to few of you who keep coming back.

Hello Nara Japan, Austria, Italy, Australia, San Luis Opisbo CA, El Dorado AR and a place I know well, Bronx NY.

Won't you leave a comment and let me know who is from where?

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Bingo~Bonnie said...

LOL, small world afterall.... b/c I just found your blog thru your signature link on Heartstrigns... then read this first post and thought, na... I'm a 1st time visitor...

then I scroll down and you mention missmikol from HGTV who I know! :) She has been in several of my swaps before and I was the 1st to work on her Round Robin when we did that a couple years ago! ;)

ok, I am bookmarking you for sure since you are an HGTV board member - don't forget to check out my FQ Bingo there... unless you go by zippybuns2, then you are already signed up to play ;)

oh, and I am in SE Texas! ~bonnie