Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The reason for this rather yukky photo is twofold. First of all Libby is having a giveaway. Her rules is that you have to show a picture of your ironing board. It's kind of obvious that when I iron blocks it is always in the same spot. I could really use a new cover but I can't find one. My ironing board is extra wide (18") and most covers are for an ironing board 15". I guess I'm going to have to break down and make one (Oh yeah, I'll jump right on it).

The other reason for the photo is to show you the string box. Well, not exactly the box, but the box cover. As I have mentioned before, I am making quilts for the Heartstring Project. I have a large box which contains pieces of fabric suitable for this project. I started with a lot of small pieces, better for crumb blocks than strings, so I posted a note on the Heartstring website asking for some string. I posted previously that Deb in AZ sent me a big bunch of some great fabrics. Then my friend Ann sent me some yardage. In the meantime, I participated in block swap on the HGTV site. I asked some of the gals if it would be all right if I kept some of the scraps. Many said yes. Yesterday, I received a package from Elaine with some gorgeous scraps and Lilly in NY says she is going to send me some too. I have been making strings blocks like crazy yet the fabric in the box seems to keep multiplying.

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Libby said...

Don't waste precious quilting time with cover making . . . just buy a few patches. I have an odd sized board, too, which is exactly how I ended up with my predicament. Thanks for playing *s*