Sunday, March 9, 2008

Friendship Stars Again

I got an email from Gizmo. She sent me these terrific pictures of her quilt made from that swap back in 2001.

With all the zillions of possible settings she had chosen the simplest. I have to say it is most effective. Just plain white shows how really sweet these little gems are. In the close up shots you can see some of the signatures, yes everyone of them is signed. Thanks for sharing your photos with me Giz.

So that makes 2. I cannot believe there aren't more quilts made from this swap. Ann said there were 6500 blocks swapped but I don't think that included the ones made for Alex. Come on people were you in this swap? Did you make a quilt or are the blocks still laying around like mine?

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auntann11 said...

I made curtain panels to cover the stash shelves.