Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quilt Show

This weekend I went to the bi-annual Quilt Show by the Sea and I am sad to say I was disappointed. There are 5 quilt guilds in Broward County I thought there would have been more quilts. Don't get me wrong, the quilts were beautiful but there were only a handful that seemed original and unique. The rest I have seen in books and magazines. I don't know if there was a show book or not, I didn't see one, and the folks that took my money to get in certainly didn't offer one.

There were not any unusual vendors either. Most of them sold fabric and most of that all looked the same from vendor to vendor. Victorian, vintage, Civil War, Aunt Gracie's, dull, boring same, same, same. I was hoping for some loud , bright, screaming at me colors. There was a vendor selling every kind of scissor you can imagine, but I've got a ton of scissors. There was a vendor selling beads. They were beautiful but I am not in the market to start a new hobby. And then there were the longarm vendors (I have neither the room, nor the money nor the desire for one of those). That didn't leave much to get excited about. I did however come home with this.........

I have been hearing so many good things about MaryEllen's spray that I just had to try some. I got some Angelina because I cannot find it locally and I'm too cheap to get it online. And I bought a bag of assorted hot fix metallics.
Maybe I have been going to the shows here in Broward County for too long now. Maybe what I need is to go to a show somewhere else. Maybe it's time to go play with the big boys and go to Paducah.

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