Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend I put together the string blocks I had shown previously.

I have been wanting to make grocery store bags for quite some time now but just never got around to it. The large stash of fabric that Ann sent me has caused me to go thru what I have and reorganize (not that I have so much, but storage space is at a premium at my house). So I got out this box that hides under the bed and came up with a stash of decorator fabric I had forgotten about. I am sorry to say I cannot remember who gave this stuff to me or when but it's been under the bed for quite some time. This fabric is 100% cotton but way too heavy for quilts. It also has some sort of Scotch guarding on it which makes it feel funny. Four of the pieces were large enough to make these grocery bags, handles and all. Ooopps, I measured the purple one all wrong and it came out too long. The remainder of the pieces will make some nice purses. There is a terrific free pattern over at Connecting Threads. I didn't really make any more room for storage (what I made was a bigger mess than I started with), but at least I store these bags in my car instead of under the bed.

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