Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I haven't been getting a lot in the mail lately but I have received these two cards. First, O is for Osprey from Beth in New Jersey.

From the same swap, O is for oscillation from Caroline in the UK. There are two more cards due to me from this swap but I doubt I'll ever see either of them.
With the exception of the Zizzy-Dot Swap, I have not signed up for any more postcard swaps. There are currently 10 cards owed to me that are all way past their deadline. I have asked about them and am mostly ignored. Those that have chosen to answer me have gotten rather snippy about my asking. So I guess it's best I just stop trading as it is very hurtful to me when I'm taken advantage of. If anyone knows of any swaps with more honorable members I just might rethink my position.


Karen said...

Barbara, I can totally understand. I used to think to myself, I am dealing with adults here, not kids. But apparently even as adults they never practiced responsibility! I was in a mixed media group that used to exchange for birthdays. My birthday was in October. Let me tell you, the thrill must have worn off by then for the other I felt bad for the leaders of the group because they really do try their best to keep everyone honest. Good luck with your swaps.

Deb said...

I'm sorry you're not having good luck with your postcard exchanges. Butr don't let a few bad apples spoil you're fun. Keep creating!

Perry said...

That's a shame. I am sure you put a lot of work in the ones you did. People just don't have the sense of responsibility that was a fundamental of adulthood a couple of generations ago. I hope you find another one you enjoy. If I ever get to the point of making the postcards I want to make, I will send you one.