Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Strange things are Happening

I don't know if you have noticed a little box over there in the right column that says Blogpatrol or not. It not only keeps track of how many visitors you have on you blog but also gives you a ton of other information such as what country a visitor is from, what reference they used to get to your blog, what kind of operating system they are using (not really of interest to me but I'm sure someone somewhere would like to know). Anyway, some of the reference sources are linkable. They is this one curious link http://nagyem.blogspot.com/. I cannot even figure out what this blog is about nor what language this is in, no not one word except for "Just a Little Zizzy" off in the left column. For all I know it could be a how to rob a bank or grow marijuana blog.

I have been getting several visitors from the link on this blog and I have to tell you they have not all been nice. There has been a non existent blogger with a virus infected site. I have to keep on top of it to keep this garbage deleted.

Can anyone tell me anything about nagyem blog?


Cindy Is Crafty said...

I cannot tell you what they are saying, but my Google translator tells me the language is Hungarian.

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Barbara!
Yesterday and today I've been organizing the trades for the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition and creating labels...which require me to "copy and paste" blog addresses...which allows me to peek in on a few blogs. Anyway, I've really enjoyed your blog. I also discovered that one of the links on CYBER FYBER for our trade was in error. It is now corrected...and I really like all those hearts on your world map...maybe lots of them are Hungarian!
Thanks again for trading with me at CYBER FYBER!
PS Spread the word about it...I'm planning to trade more postcards and ATCs with new stitchers in May...trying to get all 50 States...right now, 36!