Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's here, It's here, my Bingo winnings have arrived. HOLY COW, what a big box of goodies. According to Bonnie, there are 28 one yard cuts of fabric and 44 fat quarters. By my calculations that's somewhere around $400 worth of fabric. I am just too thrilled.

This diaper box doesn't look like that much fabric could possibly fit in a box that size, but check out some of the contents.

I am thrilled to find many dotted fabrics.

And I still have half the box to unpack. It's a good thing it got here when it did because look what happened when I plopped the box down on the chair.

My thanks to Bonnie for all her hard work, and for all the wonderful ladies who sent in such fabulous fabrics.


Ann said...

You must feel like a kid in a candy shop right about now. You got quite a load there. So how many ideas are bouncing around in your head right now?

bingo~bonnie said...

Hip, hip, Hooray! They made it - and just in time too I see. I thought I used a lot of tape but I apparently forgot to get that corner by Dora.

If any of your blog readers ask or want to know how to play - be sure and tell them to visit my bingo blog over at

I'll be posting soon more information over there about next year's game... until then they can also email me so that I include them in the email invite next February.... game stars April 1st - no foolin! ;)

Glad you are excited! ;) It was fun picking out the dots for you and your project ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Dotti said...

I am drooling...big time! What a great selection!

Vicki W said...

That's a giant box of inspiration!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Wow - you scored big time with those fabrics!

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad today! Have a great weekend.

Sharkbytes said...

What a great haul! That is an impressive pile of fabric. You seem to have the energy to actually use it, too. Mine just sits in boxes.

Mary said...

Well that's a box full of fun isn't it? Enjoy!