Thursday, May 13, 2010

It Just ticks me off

Sometimes, I run across something that just peeves me. I ran across a quilt for sale this morning on Etsy. I have been annoyed by it all day and if I don't bitch to someone quick, I'm going to blow a gasket.
The first thing that got my attention is the word Vintage. I recognized this pattern as one that was designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. The quiltmaker did not give Anne any credit for being the designer. She admits to be making quilts since 2003, so the oldest this quilt could possibly be is 7 years old. I hardly think this qualifies as Vintage.
The quiltmaker states that she hand appliqued the designs. It is hard to tell but does appear to be hand appliqued, but then she failed to do much quilting on it. This quilt would not hold in in sort of cleaning process. Which brings me to her statement that she would dry clean the quilt as it has many embellishments. OMG, where did she learn to quilt? Who in their right mind would dry clean any quilt?
Lastly, this quilt is not very big. It measures 53 x 54 and she refers to it as a wall hanging. The price for this ........$725.00. Some quilters are just too full of themselves.
As Dennis Miller always says, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Dotti said...

Some people are just plain ignorant. Dry cleaning machines are as hard on things as washers are!

Ann said...

The sad part is that someone will probably believe everything that she wrote about it and pay the price. By the way I don't know quilt prices and I do know there is a lot of work involved but that seems outrageous. I find it sad too that she doesn't give credit where credit is due.

sophie said...

I don't know what the copyright notice on Bunny Hill's patterns says, but in your shoes (since it bothers me, too, when people don't give credit to the designers of the patterns they use), I would contact the designer through their web site and send them a link to the quilt. If nothing else, most publishers of patterns like to see quilts made from their designs ... but if the Etsy seller is infringing on their copyright, it would be a nice thing to let the copyright owner know.

Lin said...

Sounds like she is using "key" words to sell the beast. She has no clue about quilts or quilting, but she's gonna make some money by selling them and acting like she knows about them. Just goes to show you that you need to know what you are buying. Good catch!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I had never been to Etsy before but I found it after a few searches I found her page. It looks like she has everything over priced in my opinion.

sandy said...

I've only looked through Etsy a few times and what you describe is what I saw some of too. People really over pricing their knitting and crocheting items.

Retro and Vintage are warm fluffy words you tend to see bantered around a bit. Sorta like European style, as a way of saying something is better or special. I always get annoyed.