Sunday, May 16, 2010

When all else fails

When I have no bright ideas. When I'm feeling blue. When I need to accomplish something....quick. When everything I try comes out like crap. I make preemie quilts. I know they are quick, easy and will almost always come out looking good. I tore through my stash and found this piece of Hey Diddle Diddle fabric. I do not remember purchasing it (of course I don't remember much of anything lately) but I know it was intended to be a preemie quilt. There is just enough fabric to make two, so it looks like a second identical quilt will be made this week.


Vicki W said...

How big are these quilts and where do you donate them?

randomcreative said...


sandy said...

It's darling and very nice, where will you be sending it? Who's the lucky one to get this work of art? You could swap out the white with blue to make the 2nd one look different if you wanted a change up.

Sorry to hear you're blue, hope whatever is buggy ya improves.


Ann said...

That fabric is so cute and I just love the name of it.
Your new background looks great.

bingo~bonnie said...

Your preemie quilt is so soft and sweet. Do you have a local hospital that you send these to?? I ask b/c I am working with a friend to make small... very small... quilts to send in to The Emmamazing Grace Foundation

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

PS - your box is all packed up and ready to leave tomorrow to come live with you! it was so fun picking YOUR fabrics!