Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What was I thinking?

My studio (spare bedroom) is only 10' x 10'. It doesn't have much storage space at all. There is fabric, notions, tools and stuff stashed in every place I can think of. I need to finish some projects and get them out of here. With that goal in mind I went through some drawers and found this lovely 1930's green drunkards path. I have no idea what I initially intended for this but I was determined to finish it and get it donated to Quilts for Kids. All the necessary parts were there, just cut up some of the fabric for a border. I layed out the back and used some spray basting for the batting. Some more spray basting and the top went on. I was pretty confident that I could machine quilt some straight lines even though this top measures 38" x 38".
The first diagonal row went on a bit wonky but not too bad. The second, third and fourth rows were making it worse. I removed the stitching and started again.  The same thing happened again and again with each row. The back of the thing was nothing but pleats, folds and bumps. I ripped the stitches out again.
I give up! I can't get it smooth, I can't get it quilted. Is there anyone out there who wants it, top, batting, backing and binding? The only catch is you will have to donate it to Quilts for Kids, or the Binky Patrol or a childrens charity of your choice.


Ann said...

It's very nice. I would most likely make more of a mess out of it than you say you did. I hope you can find someone who will finish it.

Lin said...

No thanks! It is very cute though, I hope you find someone who will finish it for you. :)

Lynne said...

Have you tried using a basting spray? I've never used it but have heard it helps.

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

I hate to sound selfish...but if I took it off your hands, it would go directly into my 1930's decor spare bedroom!
Those kids need it more than me :)
That is so gorgeous!

Dotti said...

I wouldn't mind finishing it for you. It would go to Children's Cabinet in Reno. This is a group that sews clothing, back packs, stuffed animals, quilts...what ever is needed for children taken out of bad homes and processed thru a group dorm before being placed in foster care. These kids hardly have anything but the clothes on their back!

Campbell Jane said...

That's beautiful!