Sunday, December 6, 2009

Office Decor

Many years ago I had a really good job at a medical supply company. One day at our annual Thanksgiving party, I collected signature of all the employees. I had pre-made strips of white muslin, which I ironed to freezer paper and had a few permanent pens. But before I could finish the quilt, the owners sold the company to a national chain. So instead of one logo in the middle, there are two. This hand quilted piece hung in my office until, October 2005, when we were told the corporate office was closing us down. They say that it was too expensive to run a business in Ft Lauderdale, so after 16 years I was out of work.
Although this little quilt is one of my favorites, what could I possibly do with it? It has been sitting in a box since 2005 collecting dust. The original owners have started up a new medical supply company. I think maybe I will send it to them and let them hang it in their office.

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