Sunday, October 28, 2007

13 & 14

There's a reason why they don't have a 13th floor on high rise buildings. 13 is just a bad number. I have not had any problem with the blocks I have made so far. But 13........ well, I suddenly got stupid. I had made this block before with no problem. The flying geese needed to be 6 inches across by 3 inches. So that's what I cut. Everyone knows you have to add a half an inch DUH! I guess I can blame it on Lauren because it was a difficult fabric, not your usual Christmas stuff. The colors that coordinated were brights but not red and green. I had to discard the wrong size pieces and substitute something else. I sure hope she likes it.

14 was easy as I had made this block before and it has traditional Christmas fabrics. It will be on it's way to Susan in Texas.
The rules of this swap say that you have to have all the fabric mailed by November 1 and at least half the blocks completed by Thanksgiving. With only 5 more blocks to go, I would say barring any major catastrophes, that's going to be a piece of cake.

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auntann11 said...

So glad to see lime green alive and well. I have used that one in half a dozen projects and hang on to every scrap.