Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A postcard and a quilt

This shiny beauty is fro Sharon in Arizona. It was for the Arts in the Mail , the letter J, J is for Jewel. This card was mailed in a clear envelope. The post office must have really liked it though, because they put it in another envelope and aplologized for the damages. There were no damages, not even a cancellation mark, but thank you Post Office anyway.

After my first few years of quilting, my husband kept bugging me for his own quilt. He is an avid fisherman and of course he wanted a quilt with fish. I was not ready to tackle (no pun intended) applique so I used a bunch of his old Guy Harvey tee-shirts. I included whatever I could find with fish on it. He was happy with his quilt for many years until the living room was redecorated. The colors changed from blues to golds, rust and oxblood. He nagged for another quilt that coordinates with the decor. I'll post the fishy quilts replacement in the next few days.

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