Monday, October 15, 2007

4,5,6 & 7


Linda's fabric is really cute but the images are rather large. She said it would OK to make a 9 patch, but yuk, how booring. I tried to fussy cut the ice skating mouse for the center.

#5, a little easier, this one for Liz. I think the pattern is 54-40 or Fight.

#6 Belongs to Sharon, This fabric was directional and the snowmen a bit on the larger side. I used a simple pattern and attempted to fussy cut the snowmen.

Lastly for tonight #7

Donna's fabric is cats, so what else would you make but a Christmas Cat. I found this pattern at Quilters Cache.
So far, which is your favorite?


katelnorth said...

Personally, I like the 54-40 or Fight best of these four - partly because I love that block, partly because I don't really like Christmas novelty prints that much. But I think they are all very creative - I'm impressed.

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

I like the Christmas Cat. It is cute. Is it all one piece? Or a pieced togehter cat?