Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pay it Forward Giveaway

I have been trying to win one of Kate's weekly giveaway's for a few weeks now with no luck. I did however, win Cindy's Pay it forward Friday. OK, I know it's not Friday, but I didn't name the thing. So I will name mine, Pay it Forward Wednesday Giveaway. Everyone who comments between now and Monday October 22 at 6PM EST (can't get any more specific than that) gets their name put in a hat, or cup or bowl (whatever I have handy) and I will pick a name and pay it forward. In the next 6 weeks, I will send you a special handmade item. All I ask is that if you comment and have a blog that you do the same if I pick you. If I don’t pick you, you can still pay it forward if you want to pass along the crafty love, too.

1 comment:

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Yeah, Zizzy! That is the spirit! :O)