Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some more old quilts

In 1997 I won a raffle of black and white fabrics at a quilt guild meeting. I made this Bear's Paw quilt with the intention of selling it. It is hand quilted and measures 84 x 101. It is now 10 years later and it still hasn't sold.

It was Christmas of 1996 when several people gave me fabrics for Christmas. Oddly, they were all similar in color and all went together well. I made this quilt using Margaret Miller's stripes that sizzle method. It is not that obvious in the photo but it has alot of hand quilting on it. It was entered in the 1997 Broward Quilt Expo and took a second place ribbon in the small pieced quilt division. My son then confiscated it for his then new house and I haven't seen it since. It needed a name, so I called it Christmas Presents.

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