Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Somemore Pictures

My son was married in 1995. I had the best intentions of makeing a double wedding ring quilt for him and his bride. I got just so far and gave up. So when Allison came along in 2003 I took what I had started and made her a quilt.

A few years ago a high school friend of mine opened an all handmade crafts store in an exclusive area of New York. I made a quilt and sent it to her. It sold within a few hours of being put out for sale. I figured this was a good thing so I made another one. By the time I finished it (hand quilting takes me awhile) the store was closed. I sent it to Keepsake Quilting where it did not sell. I tried selling it a the boutique at the Broward Quilt Expo but it came home with me again. I guess there was only one person who really wanted this quilt. It is called Bunny Go Round. I am sorry to say I do not remember which book it is from as all my books are in storage ( a story for another day.

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