Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Champagne Hearts

When "My Backyard " didn't fit the bed anymore, I had to make something new. I got some inspiration from a "Simply Quilts" episode which was about using all neutrals. The quilt was of my own design (well, a bit from this quilt in a book and a bit from that quilt in a magazine). I got really brave and decided to put an appliqued border (not my strongest quality).

The central motif was easy and even the vines and leaves went smothly, but I was stumped as to what color to make the tulips in the corners.

Let me tell you a little about my husband. He pays close attention to my quilts. He got a good education watching Simply Quilts with me and is quick to point out seams that don't match up exactly. He really likes going to a quilt shop and purchase FQs. He has a good eye for color and balance and often helps me with my quilts.

This quilt was no exception. He went through my stash and picked out red, turquoise and yellow for the tulips in the corners. I thought he was nuts, This quilt had no color, it was all neutral and here he goes putting red and turquoise in the corner. I did not have a better idea, so I went with it.

I entered it in the 1999 Broward Quilt Expo. It didn't win anything. The judges critique was rather ho-hum. Color OK, execution OK, quilting OK, but boy did they love those tulips in the corners. My husband feels like he won at the show and never lets me forget it .

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Archaic Dome said...

My DB is incredibly supportive of my quilting, too. We have great fun on a rainy Sunday afternoon- bread's rising or baking, and I'll sew a seam and he'll press it, and we'll just chat. Once he came over for dinner with a shopping bag full of brand new mens' shirts. When I asked what they were for, he said he thought I'd like the fabric, and since he didn't know how to buy fabric, he bought shirts. He's like a kid in a museum when we go to quilt shops. It's all so wonderous to him.