Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some little quilts, a big quilt and Block 3

Here's 13 preemie quilts that will be going to the quilt guild next weekend. They are my most favorite thing to make because I can pretty much make 2 in a day. I wait for sales to purchase pastel fabrics and I used to get leftover batting from my friend Glenda, a longarm quilter. I have a standard checkerboard pattern that I use, 2 1/2" squares, 7 across by 7 down. There are 3 chinese coin quilts here made from some old Key West Fabrics (really, really bright). I was inspired by Mary and Vicki. They make good practice for machine quilting.

In 1997 I said "if you use enough colors, it will all go together". Fellow guild members did not believe me so I put 4 ladies to a challenge. Each month we would make a 6" block, any color, any pattern. We would trade 4 and keep one for ourself. The trade would last for 12 months. Here is the result. This is my quilt. It resides on the back of my lazy boy. Because my husband keeps the a/c at sub-zero I am always cold and always coverd by this quilt. I would say it has held up pretty well. My thanks to Glenda, Betty, Maureen and MaryJane.

Lastly, I have completed block 3, this one is Christines. It is an unusual but beautiful choice for a Christmas fabric. Christine says it's sort of shabby chic. It is a pale green with tiny bits of pink. I had several coordinating fabrics I could have used but Christine requested a white on white background.None of the colors on any of my photos are coming out so great but here's the pictures anyway. The pattern is more simplistic than blocks 1 & 2 but look at how all my points match. I'm impressed.


Vicki W said...

The premie quilts are all really sweet! I agree with your rule about mroe color!

rubytuesday said...

Now I know what that black and white checkerboard quilt is! And I agree with "more color." One teacher, Sharon ?????, told us that if you want a blue quilt you just add blue borders, etc. And that's how you make a blue scrap quilt.